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AFS-OC Executive Committee Election Results

Congratulations to Dan Moore who was elected to the position of President-Elect for 2018-19 during the recent Ontario Chapter Executive Committee election. Voting was unanimous with a total of 30 votes cast in favour, representing approximately 21% of the membership. The term of office for President-Elect is one year, leading to the position of President in 2019-20, and Past-President the following year. […]

AFS-OC Membership Update

As of July 11, 2018, the Ontario Chapter has 142 paid members! The membership includes 63 regular, 37 student, 31 young professional, 8 retired and 3 life members. Have you renewed your membership for 2018? Are you a member yet? If not, see  the Become a Member page to find out why you should join today. AFS individual […]

NCD-AFS President’s Blog

The January 2018 issue of the North Central Division’s President’s Blog has been posted on the NCD website. The current NCD President is Mark Pyron, Professor at Ball State University in Indiana.  Check out his musings.

Muskellunge Management: Fifty Years of Cooperation Among Anglers, Scientists, and Fisheries Biologists

This book represents the state-of-the-art in our understanding of Muskellunge biology, ecology, and management, and is a must-read for anyone studying or managing this iconic species. Readers will benefit from the latest information on a novel, non-lethal method for sampling contaminants in Muskellunge, how angler-scientist partnerships have enhanced management actions, how genetic tools have improved […]