AFS-OC Executive Committee Election

Following a call for nominations for the 2017-18 Ontario Chapter Executive Committee, one candidate came forward for the position of President-Elect and one candidate came forward for the position of Secretary. The term of office for President-Elect is one year, leading to the position of President the following year and Past-President the year after that. The term of office for Secretary is not fixed, but must be at least one year (September to August).

The 2017-18 nominees include Jan Moryk (President-Elect) and Zachery Wells (Secretary).

All Ontario Chapter members are eligible to vote! Each AFS-OC member is permitted to cast one vote per position. As per our bylaws, Officers shall be elected by a majority of ballots cast. The voting period will end November 30, 2017.

Electronic ballots were distributed to via email on October 31st. If you are an AFS-OC member and did not receive an electronic ballot, please contact the Webmaster.