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We welcome any and all suggestions, links, news releases, events, announcements, job postings and contributions to the website and/or newsletter. Please forward to the Webmaster, Newsletter Editor or any member of the Executive Committee and we will ensure they are posted and/or distributed in a timely fashion.

What’s New highlights the newest postings and our News page provides the latest news items relevant to Ontario’s fisheries. Look to News & Events for upcoming community events, workshops, courses, meetings and conferences. Chapter members are encouraged to submit papers, presentations, posters or research for our Member Publications page and to check out the Members Area for newsletters, employment, training and educational opportunities. The Links page offers useful links for fisheries, natural resources, government, on-line journals, organizations/associations, software/apps and social media.

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What’s New

Ontario Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

AFS-OC Executive Committee Election Results

Congratulations to all the candidates who were elected during the recent Ontario Chapter Executive Committee election. Jessica Wright was elected to the position of President-Elect for the 2015-16. Voting was unanimous with a total of 45 votes cast in favour, representing approximately 37% of the membership. The term of office for President-Elect is one year, leading to the position of President in 2016-17, and Past-President […]


NCD-AFS President’s Blog – August

This month’s issue of the North Central Division “President’s Blog” has been posted on the NCD website.  Thank you all for making the President’s Blog the most visited page on the NCD website for this past year!

Ontario Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

AFS-OC Membership Update – August

As of August 08, 2016, the Ontario Chapter has 122 paid members! The membership includes 67 regular, 31 student, 15 young professional, 6 retired and 3 life members. Have you renewed your membership for 2016? Are you a member yet? If not, see  the Become a Member page to find out why you should join today. Join or renew at and don’t […]


Fisheries and Oceans Canada

DFO’s 2015 Outstanding Scientific Paper of the Year Award

The 2015 Outstanding Science Paper of the Year Award has been awarded to “Assessing Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Growth-Accelerated Genetically Engineered Fishes”, authored by Dr. Robert Devlin (Research Scientist, Pacific Region), Dr. L. Fredrik Sundström (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Dr. Rosalind Leggatt (Visiting Scientist, Pacific Region). This paper was published in BioScience in June […]


Draft Fisheries Management Plan for FMZ 12 Ottawa River – Public Consultation Notification

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) with support of the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) du Québec and assistance from a multi-stakeholder Advisory Council have developed a fisheries management plan for FMZ 12 – Ottawa River. A FMZ 12 advisory council has been engaged in the development of […]

Canadian Aquatic Resources Section

CARS announces 2015 inductees to “Legends of Canadian Fisheries Science and Management”

Canada has a long and illustrious history in fisheries science and management. Indeed, many scientific discoveries, assessment tools, and even contemporary management strategies can be attributed to Canadian fisheries professionals. The Canadian Aquatic Resources Section of the American Fisheries Society has launched a program called “Legends of Canadian Fisheries Science and Management”.

Events & Workshops

Trout Unlimited Canada

Stream Rehabilitation Training – Guelph – September 20-23, 2016

The OSAP course is designed to train and certify users in a variety of standardized techniques for evaluating habitat, benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities in wadeable streams. These methods are provincially recognized as standards by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and federally recognized by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Instruction for the course is provided in partnership by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, the Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto and Region Conservation.



Volume XV, Issue II – The Lateral Line

HIGHLIGHTS: President’s Message – Lee Gutowsky, AFS-OC ExComm Nominees – Phil Bird, Bill Gardner, AFS-OC Student Subunit – New Executive, 2016 AFS-OC AGM – Award Winners, Nottawasaga River Walleye: A Unique Spawning Population – Brian Morrison and Fred Dobbs, World Fish Migration Day 2016 – Vivian Nguyen


Volume XV, Issue I – The Lateral Line

HIGHLIGHTS: President’s Message – Lee Gutowsky, AFS-OC Social – Women in Biology – Ann Rocchi, AFS-OC Student Subunit – Student Success Workshop – Jake Brownscombe, Lake Trout Diversity in Lake Superior: Dog River Lake Trout – Nick Jones, 2016 AFS-OC AGM Keynote Speaker – Henry Regier

Volume 14 Issue 1

Volume XIV, Issue I – The Lateral Line

HIGHLIGHTS: President’s Message – Sean Stuart, 2015 AFS-OC AGM Summary, AFS-OC Social – Ripley’s Aquarium – Montgomery Fielding, 2015 AFS-OC AGM Award Winners, C.A.R.S. Update – Jack Imhof, Introduction to New Newsletter Editors – Kim LeBrun and Siobhan Ewert, “Tools of the Trade” Exposition – Bill Gardner

Annual Meeting

2017 Ontario Chapter Annual Meeting

March 2–4, Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario

 See 2016 Annual Meeting and Conference for highlights from our past meeting.

Registration will be available through the Online Store. AFS-OC Members and students are eligible for discounted rates.



Ontario Freshwater Fishes Life History Database

  • a fully searchable database for all Ontario and adjacent Great Lakes freshwater fishes including introduced, extirpated and extinct species
  • contains current information pertaining to life history, habitat, size and age, distribution, conservation status, ecological value, reproduction and nomenclature for 154 species, 3 subspecies and 2 established hybrids
  • includes photographs, range maps, notes, Ontario record lengths and weights, information sources, glossary of terms and related web links