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We welcome any and all suggestions, links, news releases, events, announcements, job postings and contributions to the website and/or newsletter. Please forward to the Webmaster, Newsletter Editor or any member of the Executive Committee and we will ensure they are posted and/or distributed in a timely fashion.

What’s New highlights the newest postings and our News page provides the latest news items relevant to Ontario’s fisheries. Look to News & Events for upcoming community events, workshops, courses, meetings and conferences. Chapter members are encouraged to submit papers, presentations, posters or research for our Member Publications page and to check out the Members Area for newsletters, employment, training and educational opportunities. The Links page offers useful links for fisheries, natural resources, government, on-line journals, organizations/associations, software/apps and social media.

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What’s New

Ontario Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

AFS-OC Executive Committee Election

Following a call for nominations for the 2014-15 Ontario Chapter Executive Committee, one candidate came forward for the position of President-Elect. The term of office for President-Elect is one year, leading to the position of President the following year and Past-President the year after that. View biography of the candidate. All Ontario Chapter members are […]

Environmental Biology of Fishes

Conference report: muskellunge science and management: progress through partnerships

Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) are an elusive yet highly prized species in eastern North America that can attain trophy sizes. As a result, a dedicated catch-and-release recreational Muskellunge fishery has developed throughout their range. Management of this fishery has largely been facilitated by partnerships between anglers, researchers, and managers. To explore and encourage interactions among these groups a 2-day workshop was held in Ottawa, Canada in August 2014. Three key themes emerged from presentations at this workshop highlighting: 1) the success of Muskellunge management in most of their natural range, 2) knowledge gaps regarding their habitat requirements at various life-stages, and 3) the utility of genetic tools to assist with their management.

Ontario Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

AFS-OC Membership Update – May

As of May, the Ontario Chapter has 150 paid members! The membership includes 86 regular, 37 student, 19 young professional, 7 retired and 1 life members. Have you renewed your membership for 2015? Are you a member yet? If not, see  the Become a Member page to find out why you should join today! Join or renew at and […]


W.B. Scott

William Beverley “Bev” Scott (1917-2014)

The Ontario Chapter was saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. William Beverley (Bev) Scott on Monday, August 18, 2014. Bev was a strong supporter of the American Fisheries Society and the Ontario Chapter and had just turned 97 in July.  Dr. Scott was curator of ichthyology at the Royal Ontario Museum from 1950 to […]

Events & Workshops

University of Waterloo

Class 2 Backpack Electrofishing Course – June 16-17, 2015

Location: Waterloo Summit Centre for the Environment, Huntsville, ON Workshop Description: This two-day training workshop is designed to certify users in the safe use of a backpack electrofishing unit to meet OMNR policy standards.  The course content include: A lecture covering electrofishing theory, protective equipment and safety procedures, and practical experience in the field using […]


MTO Fisheries Specialists Training Under the MTO/DFO/OMNRF Fisheries Protocol – October 6-9, 2015

Course location Earth Rangers Building, in The Living City Campus at Kortright (9520 Pine Valley Drive, Woodbridge ON L4L 1A6) Registration The cost to participate in this training is $450, plus tax. All course material, lunches and refreshments are included in this cost. Please note that all participants must register by Friday, September 25, 2015. Purpose […]


Benthic Invertebrate Identification Workshop (OBBN) – June 6-9, 2015

Location: Durham College – University of Ontario Cost: $225 + HST The Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) is a multi-sector biomonitoring collaboration, in which bottom-dwelling aquatic invertebrates are used to monitor the ecological condition of lakes, streams, and wetlands. The Network is led by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, but certified participants represent […]


Annual Meeting

2016 Ontario Chapter Annual Meeting

To be determined.

See past Annual Meetings.